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Topic: How to configure wine/server/sock.c

I can't configure out where I have to put this code. I mean wich line.

if ((event & POLLOUT) && (sock->state & FD_WRITE))
            /* According to WS2 spec, FD_WRITE is only delivered
               after connect and WSAEWOULDBLOCK while sending,
               so we clear FD_WRITE here. */
            sock->state &= ~FD_WRITE;

I'm using wine 1.6.2.

If anyone can send already configured sock.c file or screenshot of the exact place, please do it. Sorry for my bad english and have a nice day.


Re: How to configure wine/server/sock.c

You should follow the instructions how to build Wine code from the sources … ine-source

It was tested in Wine 1.3.6 and 2.0.1 (latest version for now). It must be compiled with sock.c patch.

Full source can be downloaded from

The fixed file for different Wine versions

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