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Topic: Problem with Multi-Realm Server

I'm trying to start 2 realms:

1.13c Original Blizzlike (on Windows Server 2008)
1.10 Eastern Sun 3.00 (on Windows Server 2008)

PvPGN, D2CS and D2DBS are running on CentOS.

On 1.10 Eastern Sun 3.00 I get the following errors in D2GS:

RunServer: Server started successfully, process id: 1440
D2GSControler: D2GS Server is not running
SetD2GSStopEvent: create an event NOT owned by d2gs
D2GSControler: stopped.

On 1.13c Original Blizzlike I'm able to enter a game, but I got an error "You are killed by Warden because error response. Reason=255".


Re: Problem with Multi-Realm Server

On 1.13c disable warden in a configuration file

On 1.10 check all log files. If nothing in logs then check checksum of all files, it can be downloaded using Magic Builder or here manually .
Also it will not work if you're trying run two servers on the same machine, because of listening port is single (4000).

Do not ask for support in PM.


Re: Problem with Multi-Realm Server

They're on two different servers.

1.13c is now working perfectly.

1.10 actually has a mod - Eastern Sun 3.00. Which should work with D2GS 1.10 (4), as I remember in the past.

I'll try with this Magic Builder.

Added: 28.03.2016 17:42

I confirm, that the problem with 1.10 was the files. When I used this FTP's files and the mod - everything started to work fine. Thank you for this great support, and helping to keep this game alive!

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