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Topic: [Solved] [Help] Administrator account?

Hey, so I've been messing with D2GS and I cannot figure out how I'm suppose to make myself an admin?
What I mean is how to do I promote my account (or character) to have administrator privileges while in-game?

PvPGN - 1.8.5
D2GS (for 1.13c)

Added: 24.04.2016 03:06

Also, if it's ./var/users/(file_name) I don't see anywhere I can assign Administrator privileges?

"BNET\\acct\\lastlogin_ip" --Removed
"BNET\\acct\\lastlogin_owner"= --Removed
"BNET\\acct\\passhash1" --Removed
"BNET\\acct\\lastlogin_time" --Removed
"BNET\\acct\\ctime"= --Removed

Added: 24.04.2016 03:18

Alright, last edit.

When I open this:
I'm not seeing any characters / accounts listed while in-game.
Looks like I can promote using this tool, but it's not working correctly or I don't have something setup properly.

Any ideas?
I can create, log-in, play, create rooms, join rooms, telnet remotely, etc.
But I cannot seem to get this tool to list accounts currently logged into the Diablo II.

Added: 25.04.2016 23:49

Fixed this yesterday.

What I did is just run the .EXE's instead of the services and for some reason fixed it.

So just run:

Then you will have a fully-functional PvPGN.exe

Also, these are the Administrator entries in ./var/users/(file_name) too:


Hope this will help someone if they're having trouble with this too.

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