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I use the D2GS version 1.13d (Magic builder) with all original files, it works fine, but when I try to open the Pandemoniun event in the cube, the game falls and emerges the following log in D2GS.


16:41:32.500 [critical] AA(*AA)@Hsg: exception C0000005 occured in message handling 02531351
16:41:32.500 [critical] AA(*AA)@Hsg: packet data dump: 4f180000000000
16:41:32.500 [cheat] AA(*AA)@Hsg: packet data dump: 4f180000000000
16:41:32.533 [debug] AA(*AA)@Hsg: saving character AA during error callback

D2GS-Hack.txt Parser

Account: AA
Character: AA
Game name: Hsg
Notice: Undefined variable: search in C:\inetpub\applications\\\hackparser\index.php on line 127
Information: Click Button

Option          Hex                    Dec         Asc       Chr
button id          18 00 00 00     24 0 0 0     24    
complement    00 00               0 0          0   

What can it be?



First make sure that your game files are equal with a server files. And you don't use any 3d party programs on a client side.
If the crash is reproducable with that conditions then it should be reported to Marsgod. But I don't know his contacts.

Do not ask for support in PM.

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is there a list with what each ~packet data damp: "code" means?
I looked through that D2GS-Hack.txt on my server and i found a lot claimed [cheat]. but i sure some of the players are clean.

Added: 29.10.2018 21:35

found this thread
i checked all the codes. most of them repeat, but there are totally 8 different types

starts with - info

1.) 49 - Take WP/Close WP
2018/10/26 12:51:31.846 [cheat] char(*smth)@ez: packet data dump: 495e0c000081000000

2.) 3c - Select skill
2018/10/26 14:34:34.822 [cheat] char(*smth1)@ez: packet data dump: 3c36000000ffffffff

3.) 20 - Activate buffer item
2018/10/27 22:17:12.557 [cheat] char(*smth2)@ez: packet data dump: 20a1010000aa15000074120000

4.) 5d - Squelch/Hostile
2018/10/28 12:44:26.266 [cheat] char(*smth3)@ez: packet data dump: 5d040101000000

5.) 26 - Use belt item
2018/10/28 22:43:22.805 [cheat] char(*smth4)@ez: packet data dump: 26400000000000000000000000

6.) 18 -  Insert item in buffer
2018/10/29 07:21:30.884 [cheat] char(*smth5)@ez: packet data dump: 18f8420000020000000500000004000000

7.) 19 - Remove item from buffer
2018/10/26 10:07:51.366 [cheat] char(*smth6)@ez: packet data dump: 199f070000

8.) 2a - Item to cube (indirect)
2018/10/23 18:38:03.877 [cheat] char(*smth7)@ez: packet data dump: 2a9e01000038000000

any short explanations on each one of those?

1) is connected to wp's. there is a non-working tp on the server (for purpose). if u try to enter it - ur on the list. so w/e
2) happens very often. it cant be a cheat. not a skillbug
4) i thought it is a party bug. tested -  its not. only showed up only once
5) related to the belt. on that server, u cant drink healing pots. so when u drink them - this appears. so its not a cheat
3.) mostly interested in this one. appears on a trusted acc ;/
6-8.) most likely cheats

found this thread … 835029701/
but it doesn't really help cause I know nothing about coding






These packets are marked as cheats by some patterns which are not clear with lots false positive. Actually these are only warnings or even meaningless info, cause it cannot be interpreted without a context (other packets in a sequence before and after the given). So this info with cheats in logs should be mostly useless.

Looks like a source code with this interpreter was lost with D2GS 1.10 source. I believe this part was unfinished by previous developers.

Do not ask for support in PM.

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