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Topic: New Ladder showing non-ladder

Hello, I've reseted the ladder but it still showing non-ladder characters.
Double checked d2dbs config
Deleted the files
Reload configs and reseted ladder on d2dbs..

What can it be? Whats the correct way to reset a ladder?


# What chars will be added to ladder?
# 0 = ladder and non-ladder chars
# 1 = only ladder chars
ladder_chars_only    =    1

What this does? :

# Time that allow characters create after it insert into ladder
# These code should be rewritted to support string formmated time
ladderinit_time        =    0


Re: New Ladder showing non-ladder

it shows in ladder ranking or in game people can use nonladder characters?


Re: New Ladder showing non-ladder

Deleting files from /var/ladder and restarting a server should empty the ladder hall of fame inside Diablo 2 game.
But I think before that you have to delete all files from /var/charsave, because resetting ladders is meaning full wipe of characters. Otherwise it make no sense.

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Posts: 3

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