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Topic: KeepAlive Idle?

hello guys,

i run PvPGN 1.99.7-PRO on Centos 6.5, some of my players have problem, when they enter a custom game, they lost connection to after few minutes, and getting error "lost connection" after game ends, so they need to log in again.

so i've tried multiple config, still same problem with some of them.

can someone recommend me how to configure centos + pvpgn?

i have this settings in sysctl.conf (centos)
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time = 14400
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_intvl = 20
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_probes = 3

and those settings in bnetd.conf

# Time in seconds between account file updates, 0 means wait forever.
usersync  = 300
# Number of seconds of inactivity before file is unloaded from memory.
# (only checked during account file updates)
userflush = 21600
# Number of users checked for updates at once. Higher values make sense if you
# either have very fast hardware or you don't have many number of accounts.
# Lower values make sense if you have very high CPU usage on the system you run
# the server (dont make it too low or your system will save accounts continously).
# Modify this value ONLY if you know what you are doing!!
userstep = 100
# Flush connected users? Set "false" and they will never flushed untill logout (it will consume more memory but less CPU usage, because of no queries to a file)
userflush_connected = false

# How often to send user latency tests in seconds.
latency = 25

# How often to send null or keepalive packets in seconds.
nullmsg = 10

# Set this option to true to allow TCP to detect and close stale
# connections.
use_keepalive = true

# initkill_timer sets up a periodic timer on init/defer class connections
# this should detect and clean up stale connections to your server
initkill_timer = 820

maybe i've done something wrong? any ways to debug this problem?



Re: KeepAlive Idle?

It may depends on your OS configuration. Or it's simply a poor connection between these players and your server.
Tell them to make a traceroute to your server during a game to check is there any packet loss

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Re: KeepAlive Idle?

maybe is some cases, but i dont think all of them have poor connection.

i had also the same issue, i was using D-link router. now i've changed my router with TP Link, and the problem is gone. i try to find out how it works, how keepalive packets are sent, to fix the issue(bypass firewall/router packet loss).

i've searched and found this thread

The issue is known for years, at least at the PvPGN forums. The issue lays with the keep-alive packet. A packet that checks whether or not you are still connected to the server, however, how routers/firewalls block this packet. Since the sever doesn't get any response it considers you've disconnected.

What you can try is; sending "/time" every so now and then, or just any command that goes directly to the server.

looks like router or firewall blocks the packet. what do u think about this?

if he's right, nullmsg's are lost in many cases and thats why they're disconnected


Re: KeepAlive Idle?

Yes, it may occur on your router side or even your ISP.
Sometimes a connection with ISP may terminated and a router automatically reconnects. It may depends on your ISP connection type when internet connection is closed by force, for instance, one time per a day.
Also if there is a malfunction in a router, it may lose connection itself too and then reconnect (or not). For example, my old router worked fine for a long time, but last years it lose a connection several times during a day.

I'm sure that it is not only a PvPGN issue, but also any TCP server in a similar situation. In our case it's a game client issue where a reconnection was not implemented.
gproxy can help in this issue, but only for reconnection to the current Warcraft 3 game that hosted by Ghost++. It will not help with the loss of connection to

AFAIK, iccup server solved this issue by running a local proxy, and actually Warcraft 3 client is connected to proxy server running by their Launcher. And when a user's internet connection is broken Warcraft 3 stays connected to a local proxy server. While the Launcher does reconnection under the hood.

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