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Topic: Adding new commands

Hey guys I want to add new commands to my pvpgn for my d2 server. I want to make trade commands so that user can add their own trade ads example.
/trade list /t l /trade  - list all current offers like friend list command /f l
the output should be something like this:

16:00 Account Name: Offer Jah rune need small runes

/trade  a  (ad) /t a (ad) - add new offer to trade list
/trade d /t d - delete user offer

So is it possible and if it is can somebody help me.
thanks in advance.


Re: Adding new commands

You can recommend players to use the profile description to add the trading items there.

That way when you press the /finger *acc command, the items that it is offering will appear.

It would be a temporary solution until you develop this new command, which should not be so difficult, because there is something similar, like /log ...

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Posts: 2

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