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Topic: Hi

Hi! So, I hope I'm posting this in the right section.

I'm not really sure what the problem is, otherwise I'd probably be able to fix it. Earlier this year I had a private server setup, which only took me like 2-3 days of messing with to get working perfectly fine. I lost my PC, and now that I've gotten another one I am trying to get a private server up again, one that me and my siblings can play on when bored.

I swear I've done everything the same as I did earlier this year, but I cannot get it working. When I connect to the server via Diablo 2, I can create an account and login to the realm, but as soon as I enter the realm it tells me that it is down and to try again later. (The first time I went in, it let me make a character but then auto kicked me from the realm, and since then I haven't been able to even get to the character screen before it tells me the realm is down.)

When I run D2CS, D2DBS and PvPGN - Inside PvPGN I constantly get this spammed to me:

Jul 15 14:30:57 [info ] pvpgn::bnetd::handle_init_packet: [1088] client initiated d2cs_bnetd connection
Jul 15 14:30:57 [info ] pvpgn::bnetd::handle_init_packet: [1088] d2cs connection from unknown ip address
Jul 15 14:30:57 [info ] pvpgn::bnetd::conn_destroy: [1088] closed init connection

This gets spammed to me in D2CS:

Jul 15 14:32:25 [info ] pvpgn::d2cs::s2s_create: try make s2s connection to
Jul 15 14:32:25 [info ] pvpgn::d2cs::s2s_create: connection to s2s server is in progress
Jul 15 14:32:25 [info ] pvpgn::d2cs::d2cs_conn_create: created session=77 socket=1036 (2 current connections)
Jul 15 14:32:25 [info ] pvpgn::d2cs::conn_handle_connecting: connected to
Jul 15 14:32:25 [info ] pvpgn::d2cs::handle_bnetd_init: sent init class packet to bnetd
Jul 15 14:32:25 [info ] pvpgn::d2cs::d2cs_conn_destroy: [1036] closed connection 77 (1 left)

I know it is probably something simple, but I have no clue what it is.

Edit 1: This is what I see once I enter my account information in the game and connect to the realm.

Edit 2: I actually got past this. The problem was that the person who wrote these documents included a # before one of the lines that shouldn't have been there. I removed it and the problem was immediately fixed. Now I am getting another problem where when I sign into the realm, in place of where the characters would show up on an account I see "connecting" until finally receiving the long message telling me about opening the port 6112, which is already opened.

Edit 3: I decided to add the # symbol before all the IP lines in the address_translation conf file and by doing so I got past the problem I was having. The problem with this is, I would only be able to connect to my server via lan, right? I need to be able to connect to my server from more than just my own network. Obviously the problem is within this file and not port 6112 like Diablo tries to say it is. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong here.

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