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Topic: Realm Down From Outside

So I think this issue may be due to not fully understanding how address_translation.conf works. I can log into my server from another machine on my local network, create characters, and can create games with no problems. The problem happens when a friend tries to log in from outside my local network. He was able to create an account and create a character but after that he gets a "Realm Down" message. I've tried port forwarding 6112-6114 and 4000 to the machine hosting D2GS, PvPGN, D2CS, and D2DBS with the same issues. My friend crafted ping packets to hit those ports and it seems to be routing properly. I messed around with the address_translation.conf to try to figure it out but nothing seemed to work so I overwrote it with the default address_translation.conf.

The OS is Windows 10 64bit.

Attached are my configuration files and log files.

I do have teamviewer as well if anyone wants to take a look.
Any and all help is much appreciated, thanks!

I got it working. For anyone else having this issue feel free to PM me or contact me on Discord: Buddaz#9755

My fix was the following:
In realm.conf I had a single IP which was my LAN interface IP of the PC hosting the server, I added a second line with all of the same values except changing the IP to my public IP.
In address_translation.conf I changed only the D2GS and D2CS lines to this:
<LAN IP HOST>:6113   <PUBLIC IP>:6113       <LAN SUBNET>          ANY
<LAN IP HOST>:4000  <PUBLIC IP>:4000       NONE                    ANY

<LAN IP HOST> = Private IP of the server hosting PvPGN, D2GS, D2CS, and D2DBS
<PUBLIC IP> = Outside IP of your router (search "whats my ipv4" in google)
<LAN SUBNET> = 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x where x is whatever value in your network followed by /x which will likely be /24... example in a network:

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue I had!

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