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Topic: Patch_D2.mpq Error

So I've edited the patch_d2.mpq file. My modification was simple, only adding an additional runeword.
I've now tested with all 1.13 builds and 1.12 builds of D2GS and I keep getting the same error.

"This Application has encountered a critical error:

The file data is corrupt."

It specifically says the patch_d2.mpq file. I have tested this patch with singleplayer and it works perfectly fine.
A screenshot is included to show the exact error when trying to start D2GS. If I use a clean patch D2GS starts up with no issues.
Can anyone that is running some form of modded server please give me insight into why this error is happening and possible ways to work around or solve this issue?


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Re: Patch_D2.mpq Error

Did you put patch_d2.mpq both on your server and game client directory?
Probably someone could help if you attach modified patch_d2.mpq with description of what exactly was edited there, which file with which contents.

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