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Topic: ExtraWork-How to use it?

Does anyone know how to use this module? Thank you for sharing!


Re: ExtraWork-How to use it?

Research thread

Добавлено: 11.03.2019 12:12

Brief example which I wrote long ago on Russian, there is also ready example is attached
Translation is below.

How to repeat:
1. Download  ExtraWork DLL template
2. Modify function ExtraWork with appropriate to your requirements. For example show a message box:

BOOL __fastcall ExtraWork(EXTRAWORK *inStruct, int unused)
    // show messagebox
    int msgboxID = MessageBox(NULL, game.classname, "Greetings from the server!", MB_ICONWARNING | MB_CANCELTRYCONTINUE | MB_DEFBUTTON2);

3. Download MPQSigner and run MPQSigner.cmd, which will pack IX86ExtraWork.dll into IX86ExtraWork.mpq and sign it with a weak signature
4. Put IX86ExtraWork.mpq into a directory files (in PvPGN)
5. Build PvPGN from the latest source code
6. Uncomment code in lua\handle_user.lua which sends MPQ file to a user and executes the above function on a user side when he joined on a server:

if account.archtag == ARCHTAG_WINX86 then
    api.client_requiredwork(, "IX86ExtraWork.mpq")

7. Start pvpgn server and log in from game client. A message box should be shown for you and log message should appear in pvpgn:

pvpgn::bnetd::_client_extrawork: [700] Received EXTRAWORK packet with GameType: 2 and Length: 29 (IX86ExtraWork v1.0 by xboi209)
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Re: ExtraWork-How to use it?

Thank you for sharing ~very detailed!

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