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Topic: [LAN] OpenBnet works, ClosedBnet Doesn't

Hi all,

I recently setuped a PvPGN server and so far I had very little issue with it.
Server is running on PC 1. I can join just fine closed and open Bnet sessions from that PC, both gateways. Literraly everything is working great.

I tried however to connect from another pc which is on my LAN and things got weird.
From that other PC, I'm only able to connect to open Bnet. When I try to connect to closed Bnet, I enter my username and password (can see succesful connection in PvPGN log), I land on the character selection screen with the loading pop-up. It hangs there for a bit and shows the message "You were disconected from Bnet. Try Reconnecting".. From what I understand, it looks like the issue's on D2GS side but I can't exactly find what is causing this beaviour. I'm new to PvPGN so I might be wrong.

The only thing I could see causing an issue is D2GS not installed as a service. PC 1 can join just fine though so I'm not sure this is even worth trying.

I've investguated a couple of avenues:
-Config file are good as far as i know. I've read in some guide that other lan pc IP's must be added to address_translation.config, even if docs says "This setting is NOT NEEDED for D2 closed realm clients"
-All ports are forwarded (6112-6114,4000,8888,16112-16113)
-Firewall shouldn't be an issue since PC 2 can join OpenBnet (and actually connect to PvPGN)
-No error in any of the logs (PvPGN, D2CS, D2DBS, D2GS)
-Tried connecting using both gateways (local and external IPs), no diffs

Next thing I'll do is to ask one of my friend to try it out on his PC to see if the same thing would happen.

Anyone ever had this issue and fund a way to fix it ?


Re: [LAN] OpenBnet works, ClosedBnet Doesn't

As I understand it is in the character selection that this error appears? If so, the problem is with connecting to D2CS and not with D2GS. Who manages the characters is D2CS.

Could you show your Log's and your Config? An error print would be nice too.

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