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Topic: Networking/ports to use - address_translation

The 6112 is the hosting port that client will use but what is the 6118 for? the port on the server side? does this need to be different for each client as well? Or can they be the same ports?
e.g.    My WAN IP:16112   ANY
this fine?

I read somewhere if you have more than 1 PC on the LAN with wc3 then multiple lines need to be here with a different host port for each?
so something like this would work?    My WAN IP:6118,  ANY    My WAN IP:6118,  ANY    My WAN IP:6118,  ANY

It would help me if i knew what the ports were used for regarding the servers use? what is 6200 used for connection to the server? and is 6118 needed etc? Any other important ports i need to know about?


Re: Networking/ports to use - address_translation

address_translation.conf should be used only for NAT users.

6118 here is any port which must opened on a player's router. I'm not sure about different port for every player, but according to a description it must be
6112 is a game data port, but i can be changed by a player … 0&d=19
6200 is pvpgn server router port for warcraft 3 games, you can use it in address_translation so internet players be able play with internal network players, if the server is available to connect in both networks

I don't know details how address translation should be setup correctly in specified cases. Most information is available in the comments of the file and you can test it depending on a network topology.

For pvpgn it's enough to open 6112 and 6200 for warcraft 3 server.

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