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Topic: Private Classic Realm

Hello, I'm fed up with bnet and would like to launch my own private realm for Classic only.

I have a very precise idea of what I want to do with it and I'm highly motivated but I have zero experience with servers and programming.

I'm looking for advice on how to start with this, I don't think what I want to do will be that hard to implement but I might be totally wrong.

Thanks for your answers!


Re: Private Classic Realm

A good start is first know how to install and make PvPGN and D2GS works together.
When you are done with that, check Phrozen Keep aka, there's a lot of newbie guides to start modding, but prepare to suffer a hell: D2 devs make some weird stuff with the soft/hardcoding and sometimes are stuff that you did great but the game doesn't recognize.

Posts: 2

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