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Topic: IRC for PvPGN

I think my server already done ..
but i think i need to use IRC For auto wispher or use some script ..
i mean, i want to use IRC for run some script..

i read for another forum, and some people user mIRC for run the script ...
but i use linux for run the server, and mIRC can user on linux server..
i think pvpgn have bnchat , bnbot , ect ..
can i use bnchat or bnbot for run the script ??

any suggest here ??
thx before


Re: IRC for PvPGN

You can use IRC bots that support scripting. Examples:,,
Enable IRC is not recommended on a PvPGN because there is no flood protection.

bnbot and bnchat are simple programs and they are not designed for scripts.
If you know any programming language you can write your own bot using raw telnet protocol.

Do not ask for support in PM.


Re: IRC for PvPGN

yes.. i know that irc haven't flood protection, but the script can make you have flood protection..

Ok''... i seee ...
I will try with use energymaech..


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