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Topic: [EU/1.13c]Diablo Gold || Ladder Seasons || Rewards || 24/7

Server Information

Name: Diablo Gold
Location: Amsterdam, EU
Version: Diablo II & LoD v1.13c
Uptime: 99.9%
Rates: Default (x1)
Ladder season length: 3 months
Current Status: Beta Season

Expected Release

The Beta Ladder Season is currently LIVE and the server is open for players to join.
We expect the beta season to last for about 1 - 2 months.

Server Description

Diablo Gold originally started as an idea between a bunch of old Diablo II friends while going out.
We were bringing back memories from the good old times on Diablo II that we've had and how upset we were at how the official servers ended up.
A few days later we considered setting up our very own server driven by the passion of old Diablo II players and their experiences.

The main things we wish to include in Diablo Gold is Ladder seasons and hosted events such as PvP Tournamens.
Ladder seasons are pretty simple. The ladder will run for 3 months, after which we will start a new season. All current ladder-characters will be converted to non-ladder and people can start new ladder characters to compete in the new season.
The top players each season will receive rewards in the form of customized ingame items.

With PVP Tournaments you should think of a system where people sign up to join, get a certain amount of time to create their character, level it up and gear it up after which we will put people in a game, let them enable PvP and battle it out until there's only 1 player left standing.

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