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Topic: Problem in change "passhash1"

Hi guys,

I have a problem changing the PvPGN password hash.

When I change the password (hash) via the DataBase, it seems that it is not implemented in PvPGN. Does he have an internal DataBase on which I store password hashes?

Because I realized that when I change the password by the command "/chpass" the password is effective at the moment, and the DataBase still has the old hash and only after a while is it updated.

How do I update this password by DataBase without having to work with PvPGN? It's not possible?

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Re: Problem in change "passhash1"

This is because of caching mechanism in pvpgn. Server operates with all user properties, including a password, in memory and push changes to a database in one-way.

You can use telnet protocol in scripts to login with a bot account, which has permissions to change a password for accounts, and send /chpass command.

// how to connect to telnet examples … ot-php-lib

You know how to enable bot login

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