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Topic: Insane D2 Server, Season 1!

Insane D2 is a mod for Diablo II Lord of Destruction made for the fans of diablo 2!
the goal is to enjoy diablo 2 LoD from a new perspective, much more complete..

Amazing list of balanced new items,

End Game:
"HELL" Acts-1-5 + Cow level Runs, you can farm everywhere in the game,
equivalences, in every zones you drop the best items,
the monsters aren't more strong in act 5 than in act 2 or 1.(HELL)

All the monsters are levels 90+'s in "HELL DIFFICULTY"

Have fun running anywhere you want in D2, solo or party,
bosses aren't dropping that much anymore in Insane D2, still, but the focus is monsters/elites fights (nice drop%)
where you will encounter RANDOMLY some sorts of "UBER" monsters/elite ( even more nice drop %). these ubers monsters are spawning in HELL in all maps.

PvP is fun and interesting.

With items and formulas, you can build until infinite unique character styles.

HD graphics until 1920x resolution, New Monsters, Affixes on Monsters, Spells,
Complete rescaling of everything in the game.

SORC FIRE ORB, NECROMANCER TOXIC ZOMBIES(SPELLS), BARBARIAN CLEAVE, just some exemples, the skills are more devs'.

Server is up and Season 1 just started! active, admins, no cheats,

Download client or the patch on the forum,
with the server IP,


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