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Topic: Channel/moderation bots PVPGN

I have some issues specifically with channel bots. The realm and ghost/gproxy seem all to work just fine, so does the player clients.
I have been looking to set up a channel bot. If you know some advanced bot that is good for automoderation, flood, spam, bans etc, please do recommend.

First one I have tried is Stealthbot. I have used the PVPGN password hash script and set it up. It connects, but it hangs. I need to type for example /join xxx and then bot finishes login. I needed to write script that when bot receives info from servers (the first messages from server) it auto types join command. But there is also another 'bug' with the bot, that other clients does not recognize it, it's marked as unrecognized client. Stealthbot itselfs does not show its clan tag.

Another one is MirageBotX, it also does connect just fine but the problem with it is that, it does not show clan members. In both cases there seems to be some kind of issue with it. Tried both local hasing and BNLS, changes nothing.

So if anyone can either recommend a good fully working bot for pvpgn or maybe suggest something to fix in these two, maybe some files are outdated? I'd be very grateful.

Edit: log from stealthbot:
[03:57:46] Connecting your bot...
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Connecting to the server at localhost...
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Connected to!
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Checking version...
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Warning! The server signature is invalid. This may not be a valid server.
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Client version accepted!
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Sending logon information...
[03:57:46] [PPGN] Switching password proof to XSHA1 Hash
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Logon successful.
[03:57:46] [BNCS] Warning! The server sent an invalid password proof. It may be a fake server.
[03:57:46] [CLAN] You are a Shaman in Clan TEST.
[03:57:47] [BNCS] Logged on as Shaman using WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (No stats available).
[03:57:47] You are using Warcraft III Frozen Throne.
<it hangs here untill i type /j xxx for example, then it continues and connect as unknown product>

No errors visible, it juts shows create clan and no memebers of current clan, it identifies its client and clan tag correctly though. no need to /j manually as with stealthbot.


Re: Channel/moderation bots PVPGN

There are some bot developers in this Discord server:
They may be able to point you in the right direction.

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