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Mainly created this for some friends and family to play on while we're still hyped for Diablo II: Resurrected.
But, I decided to make it a public too.

Slightly modified vanilla 1.13c server

- Multiple Diablo II Game Instances is enabled.
- Item death penalty has been removed.
- Gold death penalty has been removed.
- Secret Cow level can be entered even if Cow King has been killed.
- Increased Inventory Size.
- Increased Stash Size.
- Increased Horadric Cube Size.
- Mercenaries can be fully equipped.
- Ubers on this server can be summoned with only selling 1 SoJ.
- Integrated map hack. Press F9 to enable while playing.
- Enhanced Item Drops.
- Enhanced EXP Rates.
- Rune drops and rates have been completely redone.
- Infinite Larzuk Socket Quest.
- NM / Hell difficulty increase.
- Arrows, Bolts and Javelins can now be stacked to 511.
- Easier perfect gem cube recipe. Only requires x1 flawless gem instead of x3.
- Town Portal Book and Identify Book can now be stacked to 50.
- Included glide wrapper to fix full screen mode for Windows 10.
- Support for 856x480, 1024x768 and 1068x600 resolution. This mod can be downloaded from our Discord via the #mods section.
- Custom launcher with basic features and auto update.

Current Ladder:
Start: 05/07/2021
End: 07/07/2021





Bump. Updated the features I now support / have done. Also, included the Discord link too.

Posts: 2

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