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Topic: D2GS Wont Run

Iv been working on a server for the past couple days and managed to get PvpGn to work properly, however D2GS wont run whatsoever. I do have it set to do compatibility (XP Service Pack 3) for all users for both the service and the program. Whether I run D2GS directly or through the service, it always immediately exits.

When using the service:

RunServer: Using CmdLine "D2GS.EXE"
RunServer: Server started successfully, process id: 17632
D2GSControler: D2GS Server is not running
RunServer: Using CmdLine "D2GS.EXE"

happens repeated.

Iv seen others with the same issue, and it has either been them not using compatibility mode or a registry issue.

When using the executable directly, it immediately exits. I am using 1.12a and on Windows 10.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.


Re: D2GS Wont Run

Did you remember to run d2gs.reg configured with the IP?

Remembering that for 64x Systems the registry path is different.

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