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Topic: Open-source Diablo Clone

Hey all,

I'm on a mission to create an open-source clone of the Diablo engine. I've been looking at Stratagus as inspiration and I believe it to be possible.

I've outlined the strategy here a little bit : … lo-hd-mod/

It also contains the Diablo engine in hopes someone can reverse engineer it. It's not the version we've been playing all along, rather a version that someone else made but hasn't released the source for it yet. I'm not too sure how difficult it would be, but I'm hoping someone from here at least knows who might be able to do this for us.

I'm looking to release that source code in order to have mod makers create their own Diablo games and create a community around it. I want to see more Diablo games and this is the only way I can think of.


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

Stratagus it's mobile port warcraft 2?


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

Yeah essentially. It's an open source remake of the engine. I'd like to do something similar but for Diablo/Hellfire.


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

gl man


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

If you haven't heard, this request has been created. I urge everyone to take a look at the code.

GitHub repo:


It is by no means complete but he's accepting all pull requests. wink


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

qualakon, freeablo is awesome project. I hope it will be successfull and work with PvPGN.

Do not ask for support in PM.


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

Take a look at this PDF:

It outlines some of the author's intentions and describes some of the file types.

Added: 27.04.2014 22:44

I also started an 'issue' on GitHub inquiring about this.
I know multiplayer isn't implemented yet.
Perhaps you'd be willing to help him out with this?


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

I'm not sure that I can help with coding of network implementation.
First the game should already have a multiplayer support between clients. Then support can be added, protocol is described on In this case it will work like an original Diablo (PvPGN is only an interface for chatting and join games).

Other(additional) way is create standalone Diablo server, like D2GS for Diablo 2, to restrict cheating on a client side.

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Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

Looks like he doesn't have plans due to the legal issues surrounding PvPGN:

I'd love to have features like the character's save game is stored on the server rather than the client, a web interface to display character stats online etc and clans would be great.

Looks like bnetdocs is going under renovations right now. I'll check it out though.


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

I don't see any legal issues, 1.0 is deprecated for Blizzard. They are focused on 2.0.

Statistics on a web site is really nice feature. For example here client-side stats used with a special program (like a launcher) I don't know how they avoid cheating (or may be not), but it looks amazing.

Do not ask for support in PM.


Re: Open-source Diablo Clone

Great minds think alike. is a great site, goes along well with DiabloStats.

Well if we're on the topic, I think there will be four parts, server is just one of them:

1,  Launcher - Updates client, remain signed into chat, settings, mod selection
2,  Client - Play games - chat, multiplayer connects to server
3,  Server - Connects players, character saves, hosts server, online character database
4,  Editor - A maker platform that allows easy creation of games

Posts: 11

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