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Topic: PvPGN leaks memory


PvPGN (GUI-version...haven't tried console version) leaks memory very fast as you can see in this animated gif

It was compiled from/with … /tag/v2.07
v2.06 had the same problem.

MemoryHooks reports:

Created by MemoryHooks
Dumping leaks from 3 heaviest stacks


Stack #1, total leak size: 327680
    call stack:
        0x778000eb --> [ntdll] RtlAllocateHeap
        0x778504d1 --> [ntdll] RtlQueryUnbiasedInterruptTime
        0x777ff9be --> [ntdll] RtlAllocateHeap
        0x777fdd57 --> [ntdll] RtlAllocateHeap
        0x7151ed63 --> [MSVCR120] malloc
        0x0146ccdc --> [PvPGN]
        0x01457eb1 --> [PvPGN]
        0x013fad35 --> [PvPGN]
        0x01455b69 --> [PvPGN]
        0x01457b57 --> [PvPGN]
        0x0144d36e --> [PvPGN]
        0x0146cc39 --> [PvPGN]
        0x01481277 --> [PvPGN]
        0x75e7919f --> [KERNEL32] BaseThreadInitThunk
        0x77810bbb --> [ntdll] RtlInitializeExceptionChain
        0x77810b91 --> [ntdll] RtlInitializeExceptionChain
        0x00000000 --> [ntdll]

Allocation size = 32768:

I wonder if MemoryHooks would show function names if PvPGN compiled with DEBUG?

Cppcheck reports these errors

PvPGN compiled with "build_pvpgn.bat rebuild 6 2 2 n"

My server is Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit.
PvPGN compiled with VS Community 2013.

Best regards,



Re: PvPGN leaks memory

Maibenrai, thanks for the info. The latest build is not stable and there are possible memory leaks, not only on Windows.
Do you have any knowledge and experience to explore and fix this? I don't, but I'm trying examine it now. I would greatly appreciate for any help!

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