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Topic: Closed Diablo 2 Server Services

Hello everyone.
I'am starting a new custom Diablo II closed server running in Brazil to people in south and north america play with low latency

We want to have many features in this server, I'm not having much time to install by myself

Install and configure pvpgn/d2gs with the possiblity to show ladders in the website
Customize the game like expanded stash, cube and inv., jewel in gamble, and some items changes.
Integrated maphack
And other features to do in another time

For the custom features we have an exemple server running to go on

Site and forum of the server are ready at (soon in english)
It is hosted in a VPS Windows 2008 server that's alread up
Payment via paypal



Added: 19.07.2016 16:08

it's a good new project, let's participate !
I really want to make a great thing with a great staff

Diablo II Evolution
The first with a truly connected auction house

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