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Topic: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

great, so the newest build will be soon available in the download section of nightly automated windows builds?

ahah this is the reason, yes I use only Open battlenet

okey, so the ladder is not working at all, i tried to upload screens here, but the upload screen is in azbuka, si i have put them the screens here

the w2a.png screen is from the login scree, the stats are visible there, but it seems it is not logging the disconnects, even when I disconnect, like end up the whole game it is written like draw.

w2b.png is after i used /stats for my stats and /stats Orc, it is other player who has this stats, but there are zeros displayed for both of us
"Record\\W2BN\\0\\last game"="30586070 1137041280"
"Record\\W2BN\\0\\last game result"="DRAW"

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Re: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

Check bnetd.conf > ladder_games option. It should contain ladder game types where including disconnects should be counted.
For instance:

ladder_games = "topvbot,melee,oneonone"

If you played one of the ladder game types and disconnect was not counted then attach logs after a game with "debug,trace" level.

The second issue is because you set "custom_icons" enabled in icons.conf, but with wrong settings. You have to remove W2BN section from there or setup it properly.

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Re: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

thank you very much, I made what u suggested and it started to show the wins and losses, but the third number, this should be the draws is still zero, I add the screenshot
and should be disconnects saved separately in specific line in the profile file?

the iconfile is default one, i did not made any changes into it, there is no w2 section, i copied it from the last version to be sure... but why did u mention it? because of the stats, or because of the missin icon in front of my name in thellist of registered users, because in d1 there is no icon too, but it is a fault of ddraw

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Re: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

Hm... because there is no draws in default /stats. Third column is disconnects.

icons.conf allows you, in addition to setup icons, also override /stats output with custom ranks (in accordance with the icons).
You can add something like this to display draws instead of disconnects for Normal games:

custom_icons = true
rating1 = "Record\W2BN\1_rating"
wins1 = "Record\W2BN\1\wins"
losses1 = "Record\W2BN\1\losses"
disconnects1 = "Record\W2BN\1\disconnects"
draws1 = "Record\W2BN\1\draws"
rating0 = "Record\W2BN\0\rating"
wins0 = "Record\W2BN\0\wins"
losses0 = "Record\W2BN\0\losses"
disconnects0 = "Record\W2BN\0\disconnects"
draws0 = "Record\W2BN\0\draws"
username = "BNET\acct\username"

1000    n00b        NOOB 
1250    Chobo+        CHO1
1500    Chobo++        CHO2
1750    Chobo+++    CHO3

{{username}}'s record:
Ladder games: [{{rating1->rank}}] {{rating1}} pts ({{wins1}}/{{losses1}}/{{disconnects1}})
Normal games: [{{rating0->rank}}] {{rating0}} pts ({{wins0}}/{{losses0}}/{{draws0}})


Feel free to add other columns in stats display if you consider it necessary.

Note, format for column keys for Plain and SQL modes are slightly different. For example:
Plain "Record\W2BN\0\wins"
SQL "Record\W2BN\0_wins"

By default all keys for Starcraft and Warcraft 3 are defined in SQL format in icons.conf.

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Re: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

thank you very much again for your help, maybe in plain version this iconfile should be fixed for all clients, to not to be confusing at all

this disconnects 0 in the logging screen are no problem fo me, I will test the whole ladder in real games, when i have more time and if there is something I will let you know

one last question, what is about that ironman, it is not visible now when /stats, is it saved somewehere or what is it? I did play only a few games on real BattleNet and I dunno what does this is and if this statistics are saved in pvpgn too if playing ironman type of a game

do you have some banner of site? I will put it on my website as a Thank You

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Re: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

There are several Warcraft II ingame types, IronMan is one of them, but don't know what's difference.
You can define it with id=3 in icons.conf stats (normal id=0, ladder=1) … dder.h#L62

Disconnects on logon screen is just read from a profile data. If you have disconnects it should be displayed. But as I understand, actually there are no disconnects for normal games, only for ladder.

Banner is only a single. You can find it in files directory of pvpgn. The same with transparent background is attached.

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Re: [Solved] Warcraft 2 stats

aha oki, thanx again, i added it to the iconfile and will test as soon as i have time to play with friends ladder and ironman games, banner added smile

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