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Topic: [Mod]Patch Request.

Hi there. was trying to read something about modding patch file , most of tutorials are made for people witch some kid of knowledge , but what if im totally blind in this area ? After few attempts to open .mpq file with a mpq editor i still cant edit enything in d2patch.mpq because of unrecognized file extension (picture uploaded).

Can any one help me with creating a modded patch.mpq file? I want to add stash , cube , inventory size xxl + bit higher drop rates for runes and rares like griffon. Maybe someone could create one for me please ?

p.s please do not send me to outside forums

Added: 27.01.2018 17:52

Ok after few hours and thanks to this one i have been able to open and modify files in patch_d2.mpq , instead of making dir with files i just replace those iside patch_d2.mpq , after replacing i have saved newly created .mpq file and put it in my diablo dir but cant see any changes at all when trying to run a single player any advice ?
Another update , so after replacing .txt files in patch_d2.mpq modified values works in single player using -text -direct but not with D2GS. Loot , Exp are going back to basic values , why ?


Re: [Mod]Patch Request.

If your patch_d2.mpq is packed correctly it should works.

-text -direct is being used if your Diablo folder contain 'data' folder

I never tried to run D2GS with this command, but probably wont work.


Re: [Mod]Patch Request.

Ok so im a retard as i did change only the txt files not new binary files from .../data/golbal/excel...

All works fine now , server is up and modded ;]

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