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Topic: PvPGN Test Bot Project

We are looking for a developer who can write a bot which purpose is to make test coverage of basic PvPGN features:

  • Register a new account, connect to a server

  • Send all commands with any possible arguments

  • Create/join game with each of game clients and after given time send back game results

  • Stress testing with multiple (thousands) bots to emulate players activity described above

It should be expandable with a simple API, so anyone can easily add new tests.

The following libraries are suitable to take as a basis for bot: (PHP) (.NET)

Another part is IRC bot to emulate interaction of WWoL game clients.
It can be based on (JS/Lua) or one of many other similar IRC bot projects.

Let us know if you can start this project.
It will really help us to find possible bugs and improve PvPGN performance.

Do not ask for support in PM.

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Re: PvPGN Test Bot Project


I can host a buildbot

wich can compile the code on every commit and make releases and run tests


Added: 28.04.2018 23:00

just noticed that anonymous users can't se anything smile

an access account is required

I can create some

Added: 28.04.2018 23:02

for now it only builds linux64 pvpgn one every commit and spams the result on #builds at

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